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Explore the LiquiSift™ method of making our planet a cleaner and healthier place to live and thrive! With LiquiSift you can contribute to saving the environment by separating scrap wastes!

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The Mission

Our mission is to accelerate the United States to 100% source separation of all common ‘waste’ items; liquids and food scraps, papers and plastics, metals and glass, in one adaptable easy-to-use receptacle.

The Problem

There is no denying the overwhelming need for the collection and diversion of organic food scrap waste, however we set out to find the bottleneck of waste collection – the very moment where it is either collected properly, or not. After scouring the industry for quite some time we arrived at the conclusion; the ‘trash can’ is the biggest culprit.

The ‘trash can’ encourages the “one can for all waste,” and provides zero accountability – all the while creating a downward spiral of extremely negative undesirable affects. Problems start on the ground level with excessively heavy bags, food rotting and turning sour releasing gut-wrenching smells which attracts rodents and bugs, to spills and falls leading to man-hours wasted and possible lawsuits.

The ‘trash’ then leaves the establishment and is now the haulers problem. Perfectly good recyclable items become contaminated and useless due to excessive food and liquids commingled, and just about all of it gets rerouted to a landfill. Contamination from food and liquids is so bad legislation is being formed and food ban waste laws are now government mandated in multiple states, and it is sure to grow.

The spider web of negative effects literally can go on for days and impacting everything on Earth, right down to Earth itself and the extremely potent methane gases released from this problem.

The Solution

Imagine one receptacle designed with all the common waste being collected in mind — that’s exactly what we did. Our patented collection system can handle all consumable liquids and all food scraps (as little as a few ounces, up to multiple pounds), it can be a single stream or converted to dual stream collection in seconds. All of these alterations of the receptacle can be made on-the-fly, at a moments notice should collection needs begin to change. Our patented collection system is simply called Liqui-Sift™.

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