Where does the liquid go?

Liqui-Sift™ features an internal drainable reservoir located at the bottom of the unit, safely and securely containing it to be drained at the users discretion.

How do the liquids get to the reservoir?

Liqui-Sift™ features a patented collection bag with reinforced perforations to the bottom allowing the liquids to escape quickly and thoroughly.

Does the bag leak after liquids are expelled?

No. The perforations are perfectly designed and placed allowing for 100% drainage. If used properly, all liquids will escape the bag and flow into the reservoir. Our patented collection bag expels an entire gallon of liquid in fewer than ten seconds.

How do I drain the liquids?

Liqui-Sift™ features a drain spout at the lowest point. Simply remove the cap and the liquids flow out with ease.

Where do I drain the liquids?

Provided all of the liquids collected in Liqui-Sift™ are safe and consumable fluids, any standard floor drain will do. In communities where restrictions are placed upon liquid disposal, the liquids from the container may be drained according to community standards.

What volume of liquid will the unit hold?

Liqui-Sift™ can hold several gallons of liquids. We can also custom build them if your liquid collection needs are greater.

How does the food scraps collection work?

Simply hang the relevant food catcher you need at the moment in the respective spot, and start putting in food scraps. Liqui-Sift™ can have several food catchers installed at the same time including the Single Stream or Dual Stream collection options.

Does the food catcher need a bag?

A1: It depends. If your establishment has an organics hauling service you most likely use a large bag-less container to collect it. In that case, no, you would not need a bag.

A2: If your establishment does not have organics recycling, you will most likely need to bag the food waste for easier collection and transportation of it later.

How much food scraps weight can each size hold?

The smallest food catcher holds V=127.5in(3), the medium food catcher holds V=575in(3), and the large food catcher holds V=1,615in(3).

How does the single/dual stream conversion work?

Simply add the medium food catcher in the center of the receptacle and it creates two spaces on either side. Each side gets their own bag- paper and plastic on one side, metals and glass on the other. Both bags drain into the same reservoir.

Is Liqui-Sift™ on wheels?

The standard unit is not on wheels. The caster base is an add-on item.

Can I use Liquid-Sift™ in my home?

Yes, absolutely. Any collected liquids and food scraps can be composted and used to enhance quality of your soil. This is especially great for gardening.

Where can I buy Liquid-Sift™?

At the moment Liqui-Sift™ is only available by directly contacting us. They’ll be available by web order soon.

Where can I buy Liquid-Sift™ bags?

At the moment Liqui-Sift™ bags are only available by contacting us directly. They’ll be available by web order soon.

How much does Liqui-Sift™ cost?

Contact us for introductory prices.

How much liquid can Liquid-Sift™ hold?

Liqui-Sift™ offers four (4) different height bag support grates to choose from thus creating different volume amounts. The 2.5in grate creates V=287in3, roughly 1.2gal. The 5in grate creates V=612in3 roughly 2.5gal. The large grate creates V=835in3 roughly 3.6gal. The extra large grate creates V=1,114in3 roughly 4.8gal.